Naev History



This post coincides with the 11th year this blog has been up in some form.

In early 2020, the new incarnation of was born, and with the new site came an unfortunate lack of the older historical posts from the old WordPress Naev site. With Naev being one of the older open source game projects out there (and one my my personal early forays into FOSS games) I realized that the history of this project is a good record to keep.

With more than 10 years of history here it would be a crime not to attempt to restore as much of the old content as possible. With recent updates to the Blarg you can now browse through almost all of the posts from years past; be it explanations of ‘new’ mechanics, past releases, or some extra fun posts. As important as viewing the past is it also lets us see how far this project has come and how far we can continue to expand this awesome game.

On top of all this restored Blarg content, we will be attempting to bring older releases of Naev to modern Linux and Windows systems, on Steam, and on our Github Releases page. This will give any brave souls the chance to see where Naev was at various points in time. Be it for nostalgia’s sake or to see how things were 5 years ago.

Present day sees a lot of cool new things brewing in the development builds of Naev, but I’ll leave that for future Blarg posts :)

As always, feel free to join our Discord and say hi.

Happy Reading!