Naev 0.8.0-beta1

ON JUNE 11TH, 2020

With 3 years since the last release we are happy to announce the first (and likely last with no hiccups) of version 0.8.0. This version contains a ton of fixes and new contents, including major gameplay mechanic changes. We don’t anticipate too many issues with this beta, but if you try it and find any issues, please report them at the issue tracker. Discussion about the game can also be had on IRC (#naev on or Discord (discord invite).

Download the new version from here.

The changelog is as follows:

Hello World!


After a longer than expected hiatus, the Naev website is back! It has been completely redone and is also hosted on github.

While development has slowed down, it has not completely stalled. Besides many different bug fixes and code tweaks, some new missions have been added.

Furthermore, although the IRC channel (#naev on still exists, we have also created a discord for the Naev project. You can join it with this discord invite.

Hopefully 2020 will bring more developments in the Naev project. Happy new year to all!